Contributor Agreement

DEFINITIONS : the website on which your Media is uploaded on, also known as”CRUSHPIXEL” or “SITE” or “WEBSITE” or “US” or “WE” and its Partners

Contributor: the individual that puts the Media on sale on, also known as “YOU”

Media: the files that You upload on the website, included but not limited to Photos, Vectors, Videoclips, Audio, Illustrations etc., also known as “CONTENT”

Commission: the payment due to the Contributor for the sublicensing of the uploaded Media

Release: the document that states that one party may use the pictures of Persons or Properties for commercial use or other specified purposes

Customer: whoever purchases or has the right to download and use the Contributor’s Content from or another authorized reseller. Those include whoever the file is sublicensed to, for example – but not limited to - the customer’s client.


You grant the right for to sell, distribute, license, sublicense and sell your Media on a worldwide basis, both on the website itself and by any number of resellers and distributors authorized by Us. You also grant Us and our Customers those rights:

- to use, re-use, market and distribute the Content through any and all Media and methods known or still unknown, for example on packages, brochures, websites, television, print, etc.

- to modify, alter, crop , edit, manipulate, and in general to create or reproduce a derivative Content

- to sell or distribute the Content under any kind of license. Our default license is “Royalty Free”.

Also, You also grant the right to use your Media for its own business purposes and/or its own marketing and advertising.


You warrant that the Content uploaded by You:

- is your own Content, fully produced by yourself or the company that You represent, and You have the right to sell it under our conditions

- doesn’t contain any trademarks, service mark and logos and doesn’t infringe the rights of any third party, including intellectual property right.

- has an adequate Model / Property Release(s) and that You have already uploaded it. If - for a mistake or a file corruption or any other cause - the Release file is not available for the Crushpixel team, You agree to make it available within a time limit of 24 hours from our request, that will be made to the Email address in your profile. You are the sole responsible to provide valid and accurate Releases for all the Content that You are uploading, if the Content contains identifiable persons or properties.

- doesn’t contain involvement of sensitive subjects such as - for example, but not limited to - child abuse or exploitation, rape, pornography, politics, lewd nudity and discrimination against race, gender, religion or faith

- is not vulgar, indecent or offensive, especially for the represented people, if any is present in the Content

- doesn’t infringe any local or international law


We will pay you a royalty for each download of your Content for which we've received a payment.

The default commission is 35% of the value of the sale, or 0.35 EUR for the subscriptions. We reserve the right to subtract commissions from your balance if some particular events occur, such as fraud, refund to a customer or errors on our end in calculating the commissions. The subtracted commissions will be visible in your sales list.


You will be paid upon request in the Commission section of the Member’s Area. You must provide a valid address for one of our supported payment methods. The minimum sum for the payout to be processed is EUR 50.


You must be at least 18 years old, or whatever the legal age is in your country, to join our website and sell Content. You are required to upload one of the following documents to fully validate your account:

- Passport

- Identity Card

- Driver’s License

- Certificate of Incorporation (for companies and organizations only)

The document must be valid and issued by a Government or equivalent authority, and can be uploaded in the website’s members area in JPG or PDF format.

If You haven’t uploaded a proof of identification, We reserve the right to keep your commission payment on hold until You have successfully uploaded and validated it.


You agree that You are responsible for any income and all the tax declarations required by your country of residence. We are not responsible for any tax issues related to the commissions that We pay out to You.


You will be accountable for any harmful action taken on your behalf on our Website, and You understand that Crushpixel won’t be responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, taken by You or Us for any unauthorized use of your account. 

You warrant the right to suspend or delete your account at any time without providing any further explanation, for example (but not limited to) for submission of obscene content, for fraud suspect or copyright infringement. In case of account deletion on our part, you’ll lose any unpaid sum on it.

You can close your account at any time by opening a ticket in the “Support” or “Contact” section of the website. Being a manual process, it can take Us up to a week to do so.

You warrant Us the right to keep a copy of the Media that have at least one download for one year after the account deletion, so that the Customers that already bought the Content can download it again if they have the right to do so, as specified in the Customer’s license. This Content won’t be kept on sale, it’s only to preserve the rights of the Customers that have already purchased your Content and want to download it again.

You warrant Us the right to keep a record of the username of your account, to prevent other users to register using the same username.

If any of your files have sold at least once, You warrant Us the right to keep a copy of your contact information after the account deletion, in the case a legal problem with your Content arises later.
If you close your account before reaching the minimum payout, you'll forfeit it.


You agree to fully defend, indemnify and hold harmless Crushpixel (and their respective owners, employees, agents, affiliates, and anyone else associated with Crushpixel, and each of their successors and licensees) against any claim, liability, loss, damage or expense (including attorneys' fees and other costs of investigating and litigating claims) caused, directly or indirectly, by the breaching of any point of this agreement.


We may update this Agreement from time to time. If we do, we’ll let you know about it either by a notice on the website or by sending you an email.

Version 1.03 – 07 December 2020